About yicheen

Co-Creation of Innovation

The culture YICHEEN has developed, promotes mutual development through long term partnerships and co-creation of innovation.

The leading brand of cutting technology

Innovation:Our cutting technology is constantly reviewed and reworked so that we have the best solution in auto production for your needs.
Service:We provide a second to none after sales service and employ a toal troubleshooting strategy in order to make sure that your machinery is always in full working order.
Insistence:YICHEEN insists on attention to detail and has a reputation that is based on high standards and quality.

Cutting Innovation Beyond Your Expectations

YICHEEN offers high-precision cutting machines, but the service doesn’t stop at the point of sale. We want to know everything about how our customers will use our products, so in the future we can work with them to formulate new solutions. When we sell a product, we aim to begin a lifelong mutually beneficial partnership so that we can grow together .